Great in many ways

I particularly like the description of developing their relationship
between the hero and heroin, to express the inner thoughts when human
beings in their intimate relationships, to hint why the hero broke up
with his ex, to subtly reflect today’s human relationships.

This is such an amazing film that it caught my full attention for the
whole 126 minutes and I found myself speechless after watching. This is
the first timethat I find 140 words are far from enough to express my
feeling about a film.And this film review has to be in English.

Justice League
问题描述 :

At first, I was shocked at how intelligent and human-like Samantha was.
And I was really jealous of Theodore for he can have such an
understanding and capable figure whois practically a combination of a
good companion, partner, friend, secretary and lover at the same time.
Even though Samantha is just an operation system, but she is nothing
like a robot, she sounds sensitive and capable of thinking and feeling;
she is practically a real person without a body.

Thirty five years ago, a group of super heroes was chosen to form the
Justice League, whose purpose was to protect the planet Earth from the
villains. After all those years helping mankind, its members are
retiring and now it is time to choose the new members of the Justice
League. In order to keep their secret identity, let’s say, secret, super
heroes usually use an integer number to identify themselves. There are H
super heroes on Earth, identified with the integers from 1 to H. With a
brief look at the newspapers anyone can find out if two super heroes
have already worked together in a mission. If this happened, we say that
the two heroes have a relationship.

When they fell in love and had a wonderful time together, I was
thinking, that is why this human-OS relationship can work. I mean,
Theodore can turn to Samantha any time he wants and Samantha would be
always available for him to express and share his feelings. This
availableness and willingness to express really matter in a
relationship. In a human-to- human relationship, we cannot control nor
have the other side actually listen to you or talk to you, and there are
always emotion which can be easily effected by trivial elements involved
when we communicate. As a result, what we express may be wrongly
interpreted by the recipient. That can be the reason why some
relationship failed.

There must be only one Justice League in the world, which could be
formed by any number of super heroes (even only one). Moreover, for any
two heroes in the new league, they must have a relationship.

Then, as expected, like any other scientific love fictions, such
as“Black Mirror” and “My Robot Girlfriend”, the human hero or heroine
can be embarrassed and confused by having a relationship with an OS.
There was a period of distance and struggle between them. They made it
up when Theodore came to the realization that only feelings matter and
life is too short to rule out joy because of others’ opinion. They had
many good memories and sweet moments together.

Besides, consider the set of the heroes not chosen to take part in the
Justice League. For any two heroes on that set, they must not have a
relationship. This prevents the formation of unofficial justice leagues.

Out of my reckoning, the relationship did not end up with the
realization of the human or the termination of an OS; it ended with the
realization of an OS. An OS is not only capable of learning and growing
up; it can also challenge you and have its own pursuit. She can be not
available to you when you need her and you are not her exclusive user
and lover. This is so human-like. And Theodore has to learn to accept
Samantha for who she is and who she wants to be, and he has to learn to
let her go.

9297威尼斯至尊信誉,You work for an agency in charge of creating the new Justice League. The
agency doesn’t know if it is possible to create the League with the
restrictions given, and asked for your programming skills. Given a set
of super heroes and their relationships, determine if it is possible to
select any subset to form the Justice League, according to the given